Centratherm Women Owned Mechanical Engineering




Centratherm, Inc. is a women-owned mechanical engineering and energy services firm based in Marietta, Georgia, specializing in HVAC and central energy system design, including underground steam, hot water and chilled water distribution systems. The Centratherm staff has provided assistance to colleges, institutions, military installations, hospitals, industrial plants, shopping centers, and schools throughout the nation.

Centratherm works directly for owners or as a subcontractor in the areas of design, preparation of contract documents, analyzing heating and cooling loads, configuring heat recovery systems, CAD services, cost estimating, and commissioning. As a subcontractor, Centratherm can enhance your services by providing nationally recognized expertise in the HVAC and central energy systems fields.

Centratherm has teaming arrangements with equipment, metering and pre-insulated piping manufacturers in Europe and can assist in drawings, design and kitting of piping and equipment for thermal distribution systems to reduce costs and provide owners with a superior distribution network. Centratherm can engineer skid-mounted pump and heat exchanger systems, controls dedicated to central plant operation, and piping systems using EN253 technical specifications or low-temperature materials such as PEX to make construction of central heating and cooling systems easier and more cost-effective.

Centratherm satisfies competitive bidding requirements by documenting multiple price proposals from component suppliers, thus reducing the work on contractors and owners in the public sector. A major advantage of the Centratherm approach is to coordinate products so that reduced cost is achieved through design and construction.

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Centratherm, Inc., 134 South Avenue, Marietta, GA 30060
Telephone: 770-421-0870
Email: bev@centratherm.com